Monday, August 09, 2004

The Coolest Stuff You'll Never Buy!

I love this site called "Engadget". It gives me up to the minute postings about the lastest stuff I won't ever be able to afford. In fact, I just use it to keep my thumb firmly planted on the pulse of technology and the ever-changing market.

Actually by seeing how quickly the "lastest and greatest" is always coming out and then turning absolete hours later; and then how yesterday's palm pilot is already old news and outdated - it really helps me get a hold of my passion to buy up anything and everything. However, there are some things, you have to buy -- but at least this way you can see the technology develop a bit first and take shape. Plus, it's always cool to say "HEY! did you know they have a human-powered helicopter now!?" ;-)

- e.Swede


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