Thursday, September 30, 2004

Start fires and get happy! (What?!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Convergence and My Dream Device - the Piod, part 2

They're getting closer....

Friday, September 24, 2004

A "new" version of formatting. I like this.

In response to this article about how much performance an average computer user needs.
My friends constantly ask me for recommendations on what they should buy for their home PC. I've been telling them to skip buying the $2500 top-of-the-line PC and just buy the $399 value PC (unless they have very special requirements like video editing or games). I tell them to add a little memory to the value PC, and to BUY A BRAND NEW ONE EACH YEAR. In six years it will still cost the same $2500, but they will have a BRAND NEW PC. They can recycle the other ones to their children, grandchildren, friends, whatever. This also helps to reduce the accumulated "cruft" on their PC, including spyware and adware. Each year they start out with a clean PC. I've taught them to put all of their data files in one location so that the transition isn't tough at all...

-courtesty of Anonymous Loozah from Devhardware

RFID tags - the Mark of the Beast or an answer to inventory prayer?

I feel like I might be the last one on the bandwagon here – a little late to the dance without a date, but, hey I never promised to bring the latest tech news and advice, just bring the quality tech news and advice. (Although I try to be current as much as possible).

So, RFIDs. The Mark of the Beast to some. Others the ultimate inventory tracking system.

Some consider it the last straw in surveillance and breach of privacy. Important legislature will decide if the consumer will be informed of the presence of RFID tags can be removed.

My goal here is to keep a balanced list of links I consider relevant for you and I to decide if we will embrace this technology and profitably capitalize on it or if we will resist it tooth and nail – in legislation and voice.

Overcoming the Challenges of RFID

Thursday, September 23, 2004

If you EVER buy another encylcopedia set again, you are retarded.

Sorry WorldBook, Britannica, and Maxim Magazine. You're days in the encyclopedia industry are numbered.

First of all, "pages" are annoying to flip through and “books” take up "space" on a "shelf". These are foreign concepts for today's generation who grew up copy/pasting their articles about George Washington Carver’s peanut prowess out of a Britanica 1996 CDROM. No doubt alt-tabbing between drawing obscene phallic like spray painted objects in KidPix and cappin’ pixelated buffalo ass on the Oregon Trail whilst the antiquated type-writer teacher (now turned techie tutor) remained none the wiser.

Sure, you can go online with your content, but that still requires us to pay for a username and password, register for SPAM, or look at jiggly banner’s about students loans. Even “googling” something will yield results where you have to dig to find the answers and extensive information you seek. Plus, sometimes it’s hard to be sure if you’re at a trustworthy site. Surely there must be a better way.

Enter Wikipedia. God’s information-superhighway, knowledge-motherload gift to public school teachers, parents, low-income families (who have internet access?), and the rest of mankind. Having reached the million article mark they are really becoming an amazingly dynamic, up-to-date, and extensive source of information. Instead of talking it up, I’m just going to let you try it out yourself (CTRL-click for all you FireFoxers out there). MMMMmmm…. tabbed browsing….. Almost better than Tab itself.

The guy who started it, Jimmy Wales, was actually a professional futures and options trader in Chicago before moving to Florida. He also admires the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand. Sounds about right for a trader in the pit.

Side Note:
As we recently passed the 3-year mark from the September 11th attacks and have seen the various conflicts spawned by the event I think it’s important to review from whence we have come and where we still can go because of that day. Wikipedia features the perfect tool to do that. I suggest you check it out.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The RIAA and MPAA will never be able to keep up

The mere fact that Peer-to-Peer file sharing networks are being developed to operate on CELL PHONES is further evidence that the RIAA and MPAA will never be able to keep up with the advancement of technology. Legislastion is too slow, but oftentimes, when it finally arrives it is jaded and too drastic. Hence the Induce Act.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Convergence and My Dream Device - the Piod

It's happening. I didn't think it would happen this fast. But it is.

My dream device is coming out:
Web browser.
Instant Messenger.
MP3 player.
Personal media center (video and photos).

One device.


Convergence the likes of which has never been seen.

Here are the specs on what I want in my dream device:

minimum 2 in. x 3 in. (should look like a PDA)


Triband (world phone), phone book - minimum 1000 contacts (detailed with address, email, etc.) must be importable from comma sepparted info

(everything a PDA is now)

Minimum 3 megapixel


(Bluetooth) and Firewire

Web browser
PDA version of FireFox. Must use WiFi or WiMax. wireless b or g



Nokia flip out style? Something which makes typing EASY. Stylus?? I'm skeptical.

life should be no less than 8 hours at full use. 48 idle.

Should not have to hold phone to ear to talk. It should be great. it should "store" on or in the unit

Any cell phone provider which can support the WiFi or WiMax

Hopefully 40 GB, probably 2GB flash in beginning, Eventually hundreds of gigs on “Nano-sticks”

Processing capabilities

No larger than present ipod

Less than 8 ounces

I can’t wait for such a device to emerge. I would pay $1500 plus for such a device because it would be worth that AT LEAST if you added all the other devices up.

My Predictions:
I predict that in 1 year Microsoft will release the first "phenomenal" device. It will support WMA, be full of flaws, and suck. You will only be able to play WMAs, protected, probably purchased from the less-than-stellar MSN music depot. It will run WindowsCE or something and it will try to be cool but it will only come across as Windows-cool. It will try to be helpful and easy to use but it will only be Windows-helpful and Windows-easy-to-use. But at least the public will be aware of the pheno-devices.

In response, within 6 months Apple will co-release with the help of, I'm going to say Nokia and maybe HP (unless Apple can pull it off solo), the new Newton -- the EINSTEIN.

  • With the prowess of HP in the PDA market
  • Nokia in the cell phone market
  • And Apple of the portable digital music player market, professional interface design, general sexy style, and marketing cool-factor

It will be the proverbial “by-your-powers-combined” Captain Planet! #1 selling device in the world.

The return of this cult-favorite PDA with all the newest features and the classy Apple look will launch Apple's stock prices to figures never before seen, even with the iPod. The Einstein display will rock, the interface will be easy to use, the performance will rock, people will accept AAC, it will use wireless (maybe bluetooth, probably better) to transfer data, it will have firewire, it will look cool, it will be customizable to make it personal, it will work with PC and Mac, AND it will be small, light, and compact, yet durable. The camera will have a flash, zoom, and take a minimum of 3 megapixels. The storage will be at least 2 GB on a flash card, hopefully they will find a way to

I want credit for being the first to coin the phrases:
My PHenomenal Device (PHD) i.e. The "Apple Einstein PHD"
My All-in-One (AIO)
My All-in-one device (AIOD) pronounced "eye-odd" aiOD
My Apple digital all-in-one device (DAIOD) pronounced "die-ode" or "Digital eye-odd" The Apple Diod
The Piod phenomenal input/output device (consider using the symbol for "pi" then OD ("Pi-odd")

Issues: uncountable. But the promise of so much profit will make the market work them out.

Other companies will dwindle because they will not have the ABILITY to create such a wonderful device and will slowly be phased out entirely. As with all computers there will be “poor-man” editions and techno-geek uber-expensive editions, but that’s only after the marketshare and ubiquity takes hold.

The device should be a wearable non-geeky, customizable, statement-making, status-displaying device.

if MAC can pull this off alone certain software would be different:
web browser = safari
O/S = PalmOSX
email =
.mac integration

So those are my predictions for the device I want to blow a month’s wages on in 1-2 years.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bye Bye Greenhouse Gases, Hello $$$.

Leave it to those good 'ole Georgia boys (or ancient Amazonian tribesmen) to develop a fertizler which helps plants grow AND absorbs greenhouse gases.

Read this article and tell me if you don't want to invest in this company's stock.

Once again, technology proves that capitalism and environmental stewardship can co-exist. It's not an either or. You dont' have to rape the earth and you don't have to go back to Walden pond either. Wow. Who'd uh thunk it?

This is awesome, but I never want to work with one.

A fly-eating Robot

So, are we losing our right to information, or what?

This terrorist stuff has given the government a new vigor for keeping information from us. And it's all being allowed to happen under the guise of patriotism.

One step at a time, we are losing our freedom, in the name of freedom. According to this article I found on Slashdot, the government plans to keep us AND the press from having access to satelitte images.

What hurricane Ivan? Oh wait. Where's my house and family?

Via SlashDot:

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The 10 SPAM and POP-UP Commandments:

The 10 SPAM and POP-UP Commandments:

1. Thou shalt not use Internet Explorer. Thou shall rejoice in the ways of Mozilla.
2. Thou shalt not give out your email address, but always fill in false information everywhere or use
3. There is no thing as a helpful search bar.
4. There is no such thing as an internet “buddy”. He will not help you. He will only hurt you.
5. There is no such thing as a cool cursor. The only cool thing it will do is point you towards ads and away from what you’re trying to do.
6. You can never punch a monkey and win anything. Not in life. Not on the internet.
7. Clicking on anything, iPod or flatscreen, will never make it magically appear on your doorstep for free.
8. Thou shalt use tabs in thy browsing.
9. Thou shalt not use your ISP’s email account
 Technical reasons
 Somehow people can SPAM ISP accounts without you even giving your email to them. They just know where to send it.
 Practical reasons:
 If you ever move or switch ISP’s you’ll have to tell everyone your new email address anyway
 Instead:
 Use Yahoo or Gmail (if you can get an invite)
10. Thou shalt worship “alt-F4” all the days of thy life.