Friday, September 17, 2004

Convergence and My Dream Device - the Piod

It's happening. I didn't think it would happen this fast. But it is.

My dream device is coming out:
Web browser.
Instant Messenger.
MP3 player.
Personal media center (video and photos).

One device.


Convergence the likes of which has never been seen.

Here are the specs on what I want in my dream device:

minimum 2 in. x 3 in. (should look like a PDA)


Triband (world phone), phone book - minimum 1000 contacts (detailed with address, email, etc.) must be importable from comma sepparted info

(everything a PDA is now)

Minimum 3 megapixel


(Bluetooth) and Firewire

Web browser
PDA version of FireFox. Must use WiFi or WiMax. wireless b or g



Nokia flip out style? Something which makes typing EASY. Stylus?? I'm skeptical.

life should be no less than 8 hours at full use. 48 idle.

Should not have to hold phone to ear to talk. It should be great. it should "store" on or in the unit

Any cell phone provider which can support the WiFi or WiMax

Hopefully 40 GB, probably 2GB flash in beginning, Eventually hundreds of gigs on “Nano-sticks”

Processing capabilities

No larger than present ipod

Less than 8 ounces

I can’t wait for such a device to emerge. I would pay $1500 plus for such a device because it would be worth that AT LEAST if you added all the other devices up.

My Predictions:
I predict that in 1 year Microsoft will release the first "phenomenal" device. It will support WMA, be full of flaws, and suck. You will only be able to play WMAs, protected, probably purchased from the less-than-stellar MSN music depot. It will run WindowsCE or something and it will try to be cool but it will only come across as Windows-cool. It will try to be helpful and easy to use but it will only be Windows-helpful and Windows-easy-to-use. But at least the public will be aware of the pheno-devices.

In response, within 6 months Apple will co-release with the help of, I'm going to say Nokia and maybe HP (unless Apple can pull it off solo), the new Newton -- the EINSTEIN.

  • With the prowess of HP in the PDA market
  • Nokia in the cell phone market
  • And Apple of the portable digital music player market, professional interface design, general sexy style, and marketing cool-factor

It will be the proverbial “by-your-powers-combined” Captain Planet! #1 selling device in the world.

The return of this cult-favorite PDA with all the newest features and the classy Apple look will launch Apple's stock prices to figures never before seen, even with the iPod. The Einstein display will rock, the interface will be easy to use, the performance will rock, people will accept AAC, it will use wireless (maybe bluetooth, probably better) to transfer data, it will have firewire, it will look cool, it will be customizable to make it personal, it will work with PC and Mac, AND it will be small, light, and compact, yet durable. The camera will have a flash, zoom, and take a minimum of 3 megapixels. The storage will be at least 2 GB on a flash card, hopefully they will find a way to

I want credit for being the first to coin the phrases:
My PHenomenal Device (PHD) i.e. The "Apple Einstein PHD"
My All-in-One (AIO)
My All-in-one device (AIOD) pronounced "eye-odd" aiOD
My Apple digital all-in-one device (DAIOD) pronounced "die-ode" or "Digital eye-odd" The Apple Diod
The Piod phenomenal input/output device (consider using the symbol for "pi" then OD ("Pi-odd")

Issues: uncountable. But the promise of so much profit will make the market work them out.

Other companies will dwindle because they will not have the ABILITY to create such a wonderful device and will slowly be phased out entirely. As with all computers there will be “poor-man” editions and techno-geek uber-expensive editions, but that’s only after the marketshare and ubiquity takes hold.

The device should be a wearable non-geeky, customizable, statement-making, status-displaying device.

if MAC can pull this off alone certain software would be different:
web browser = safari
O/S = PalmOSX
email =
.mac integration

So those are my predictions for the device I want to blow a month’s wages on in 1-2 years.


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