Thursday, September 23, 2004

If you EVER buy another encylcopedia set again, you are retarded.

Sorry WorldBook, Britannica, and Maxim Magazine. You're days in the encyclopedia industry are numbered.

First of all, "pages" are annoying to flip through and “books” take up "space" on a "shelf". These are foreign concepts for today's generation who grew up copy/pasting their articles about George Washington Carver’s peanut prowess out of a Britanica 1996 CDROM. No doubt alt-tabbing between drawing obscene phallic like spray painted objects in KidPix and cappin’ pixelated buffalo ass on the Oregon Trail whilst the antiquated type-writer teacher (now turned techie tutor) remained none the wiser.

Sure, you can go online with your content, but that still requires us to pay for a username and password, register for SPAM, or look at jiggly banner’s about students loans. Even “googling” something will yield results where you have to dig to find the answers and extensive information you seek. Plus, sometimes it’s hard to be sure if you’re at a trustworthy site. Surely there must be a better way.

Enter Wikipedia. God’s information-superhighway, knowledge-motherload gift to public school teachers, parents, low-income families (who have internet access?), and the rest of mankind. Having reached the million article mark they are really becoming an amazingly dynamic, up-to-date, and extensive source of information. Instead of talking it up, I’m just going to let you try it out yourself (CTRL-click for all you FireFoxers out there). MMMMmmm…. tabbed browsing….. Almost better than Tab itself.

The guy who started it, Jimmy Wales, was actually a professional futures and options trader in Chicago before moving to Florida. He also admires the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand. Sounds about right for a trader in the pit.

Side Note:
As we recently passed the 3-year mark from the September 11th attacks and have seen the various conflicts spawned by the event I think it’s important to review from whence we have come and where we still can go because of that day. Wikipedia features the perfect tool to do that. I suggest you check it out.


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