Friday, September 24, 2004

A "new" version of formatting. I like this.

In response to this article about how much performance an average computer user needs.
My friends constantly ask me for recommendations on what they should buy for their home PC. I've been telling them to skip buying the $2500 top-of-the-line PC and just buy the $399 value PC (unless they have very special requirements like video editing or games). I tell them to add a little memory to the value PC, and to BUY A BRAND NEW ONE EACH YEAR. In six years it will still cost the same $2500, but they will have a BRAND NEW PC. They can recycle the other ones to their children, grandchildren, friends, whatever. This also helps to reduce the accumulated "cruft" on their PC, including spyware and adware. Each year they start out with a clean PC. I've taught them to put all of their data files in one location so that the transition isn't tough at all...

-courtesty of Anonymous Loozah from Devhardware


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