Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Google version of FireFox!? Yes, please.

"Interestingly, mailto: urls will work with Gmail, allowing peple to click email links in pages and have Gmail open a new mail to that address, as well as IE-like buttons on the toolbar for composing new mail from scratch."

YES! I am so tired of clicking on a mailto: link in FireFox and seeing it open up an Outlook message. Only to close it all and get that annoying "hold on while Micro$oft 0wnz your computor" message. (And why the hell does Outlook take so long to shut down, anyway?! What is it doing?).

So that's enough reason for me to do it right there.

BUT, they go on!

"Also, Google loves the recently aquired Blogger, and will have built in linkage to Blogger and rich-editing tools, making Blogger a highly integrated feature, with the ability to blog links and web-content as easily as using their integrated GMail features. "

Schweet. This will make my life ALOT easier. My CTRL-C and CTRL-V buttons will get some well-deserved CTRL-R&R.

So this is what I'm saying:
The reason people trust Google, everything Google, is because they started out as just offering one thing and offering it so well that they became the hands-down defacto standard for websearches. On top of that, they never pursued "being evil" (as they call it as a company) to the user. They never did pop ups, they never did frontpage flash ads, nothing (unlike Yahoo, Jeeves, or MSN). Google's site will load in a nanosecond AND return your results in a millisecond.

Plus, with Google, they know how to still make money with their products intelligently, not invasively, so everything they offer can be offered free to the user.

So if people trust Google products to be the best products and always free products, they don't have anything to prove whenever they release something new. So if they start doing blogs (Blogger) I switch to blogger, if they start doing IMs, I use their IM service. And so on.... The same will be true with this gBrowser coming out. I'll download it, I'll use it, I'll always patch it.

I won't shake in my boots as I do whenever Micro$haft releases an "improvement" or "upgrade". Why the hell should I have to kreep around a million techno-geek forums to find out "who's saying what" about so-and-so patch! Argh..... there has to be a better way. (I know Linux or Mac.... I'll get there...)


(disclaimer: this article is some guy's speculation. I agree with his conjecture.)


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