Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The new iPod Photo is out, viva accretion?

In my ritualistic daily check of the world's gadget haps and the craps on Engadget I was made aware that the newest iteration of Apple's iPod - the iPod Photo - just came out.

I always read what Engadget has to say and then some of the users' comments. Everyone was bashing essential "the value" of it (high cost vs. unimpressive features) and then a commentor by the name Jon Rubin posted this comment:

Look at the big picture, people
Posted Oct 26, 2004, 4:25 PM ET by Jon Rubin

This is the video iPod. Apple's just being cautious. They're making sure their tv interface is easy to use and beautiful to look at. They're getting people used to the idea of an iPod that hooks up to a tv, and getting the av docks out there in the market. They're perfecting a color display, and all the little 'extras' you'd expect from an Apple portable media player, like album covers.

The important thing to note is that Apple's now got a portable device with RCA and SVIDEO out. Then connect the dots.

Think about what Apple always says: their marketing doesn't show that people want to watch video on a small screen for an extended period of time. Well, that's not saying "we'll never produce a video iPod," just that "if we make a video iPod, we're not going to expect people to actually watch video on its tiny screen."

Now all they're waiting for is hard drive prices to go down. As soon as that happens, I bet they'll slap in another DSP to decode a quicktime variant.

Apple's creating a market segment for a video iPod before they actually put it out there. The color screen and 60gig hd will filter down to the regular iPod eventually, and the AV port will be what differentiates the high-end pricepoint. When there's an 80gig or 100gig hard drive out there, Apple will roll out an iPod Movie.

Apple is building an extremely powerful mobile device by accretion. I do not think the name 'iPod' was chosen at random--Apple never intended it to just be about music. It's about carrying all the information that matters to you in your pocket.

I tend to agree with this comment


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