Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Today's Links 0wnz j00!

Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, the new Grand Theft Auto came out yesterday. People say it ownz. I can help but think the graphics should be looking better right now but apparently the story telling has improved mucho much and the character, music, and voice acting is impecable:

A demo for the new Need for Speed Underground 2 came out today:
expect much blink and a whole lotta zing...

This link is for wasting time, a mini game mainly for Ryan:

Not that I'd ever have enough money to buy one of these phat Alienware systems, but atleast I can loosely base the ones I will build on them:

I lead a demanding life and money is tight, but someone's gotta save the Princess. Finally, an affordable Mario-playing robot made from Legos that can beat Bowser when I just can't seem to find the time:


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