Friday, October 22, 2004

Today's links

This owns. Call me type-A bizzaro but I love it

YES! how much?!

With where we're at right now, and where the rest of the world is, I
just think this won't happen, and if it is, we have our priorities
outta whack.

Halo 2 developers complain because they won't invest in IT security
and think the world is full of good people:

Latest Pirates! info (I'm pumped)

Uncensored GTA trailers:

Uhm, as soon as I own something BlueTooth, I'm going to do this:,20967,714017,00.html

The author of this article apparently wanted to convey the fact that he is an idiot in the title alone:

This is precedent setting for RFID. If you don't know what RFID is, you need to. It will be a huge part of our adult lives. I think it is a major pitfall and we could end up trusting it too much. The ability to hack it sounds huge. And it would be in charge and responsible for SO MUCH. It will happen though. So learn and get ready.,1848,65412,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

Good by silicon, hello nanocomputers:


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