Friday, January 21, 2005

Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society

This is TRULY what we need right now for the Islamic world.

Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society: "


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Batteries can't hack it.

So we need an alternate form of mobile energy.

Japan's heading that way. They hope to have fuel cells for their cell phones by 2007.

GL, Mr Roboto!

ceatec japan 2004: mobile fuel cells in 2007 | mobile blog | pukupi

Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Freaking cool, but prolly doesn't work too well. At least people say you can't press more than 1 key at a time.
Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard: ""

This just in: The further away a radiation emitting device is from your brain, the better. Scientific community stunned at report.

Thank you Captain *ehem* I mean Doctor Obvious.

("I didn't spend 4 years and obvious school just to be called Captain, thank you very much.")

BBC NEWS | Health | Hands-free kits 'cut radiation': "Radiation emissions absorbed by the head from using mobile phones are cut by using hands-free kits, a study says."

HOW-TO: Use your CDMA cellphone as a USB modem

Uhm, wow.

So basically this is the best how-to I've seen in a while, ever.

You can use your cell phone to keep you connected to the internet on your laptop wherever you have reception. And all it charges you for is the minutes used.

So, uhm. wow.

I hope some of you's kids can use this. Guess it'll hold us over until WiMax.
HOW-TO: Use your CDMA cellphone as a USB modem - Engadget -

LOL Quote

I gotta kick out of thi this quote from a Slashdotter's profile

"Give a man a fish, he owes you one fish.

Teach a man to fish, you give up your monopoly on fisheries."

Church of Virus - "Havin' Church with the Borg"

Finally, a place of faith and schweet BBS for the technophile who doesn't believe in God because it means he can't look at pr0n and really gets off on overclocking his calculator and putting Slackware Linux on his Apple Newton.

Three letters:

Please come now, Jesus Christ. ;-) I think the rolls are done.

BTW, "neo-cybernetic" WTF!?

Church of Virus

OMG SkiFree!!

Whatta blast from the past!!

The Most Officialest SkiFree Home Page

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

iPod Shuffle = the new Radio

Barry makes a great point on IPAC about how the iPod shuffle is attempting to recreate the experience you USED TO get when you listened to the radio.

IPac - Blog

The Right to Read - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

A fantastic article/story.

A must read for navigating the future.

The Right to Read - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Oops! I outlawed the Internet!


good game, California...

Pass this one and see what happens.

California Senator Wants to Throw Ed Felten in Jail

see also techdirt's stuff on this BS

The ballot, not the bullet, will see off Iraq's religious terrorists

A great article on the upcomming election in Iraq.

No politics discussed. Merely fact and logic.

Very nice.

The ballot, not the bullet, will see off Iraq's religious terrorists: "It would also dishearten the pragmatic opponents of democracy, of whom
there are many, who, while assuming Islamic clothing, really fear that
democracy will expose them for what they are: unreformed supporters of
the old regime, in which a Sunni minority exercised power over the Shia

Monday, January 17, 2005

Covad to Conduct Trials of Next-Generation DSLAM Technology Supporting New Competitive Choices for Local and Long Distance Service

VOIP over POTS without any extra equipment and can it with the "if the power goes out" argument.

It's all done server side.

read on.....

Covad to Conduct Trials of Next-Generation DSLAM Technology Supporting New Competitive Choices for Local and Long Distance Service

Curiously strong music....

Build your own MP3 player out of an altoids box and impress other geeks geekier than thou!

Minty MP3: "Tired of not being able to find cases for your projects? Stuck
with those hideous ABS plastic RadioShack boxes? Try those ubiquitous
tin boxes, not only do they block EMI, they come with free mints!
Fresh breath and fresh design in one."

Hacking Coke Machines - Taking Advantage Of Technology

I thought that this was pretty cool. I won't use it, but I think it shows that Coke is going to have to do a better job with security before 12-year-olds hit the streets trying to "fight the power" by changing the price of Coke's.

Hacking Coke Machines - Taking Advantage Of Technology

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Rhapsody, this is e.Swede, I'm leaving if you don't say anything to make me feel better...."

This nifty little article details Napster's new Napster2Go technology where basically you can transfer songs to your iPod or whatever to play "on-the-go" and can keep them there as long as your device checks in once a month and says "i'm still paying."

Sounds good to me, but then my friend Brad Hill at thedigitalmusicweblog critizes this technology.

You can read my response below:

Hey man,
Love your blog. Gotta say, on this one, I disagree with you strongly.

My dream is a $25-50 a month, subscription based digital media playground - movies, music, TV, shows, games - where i have access to it all, on-demand, in the format I want, on the platform I want, where I want.

This 15 dollar Napster deal is a step in the right direction. Ownership really is not necessary anymore. Just complete access. Heck, I'll stream instead of store anyday! If I have to store to go, until we have wireless to support that, I'll do that.

But right now I have to "be illegal" and painstakingly download everything over days and weed through the crap to get what I want. Meanwhile, I'm WILLING TO PAY to be legit, have gurannteed quality, and supply. If that means I have to put up with a non-invasive, private "have-you-paid-this-month" DRM file halflife, then I'll gladly do it.

The only thing I want to see improved on now is increased direct compensation to authors/artists.

This is the business model of the future, and we should support it through VCL ( and our blogs. This is the way we must push the industry and this is a great sign. I may be leaving Rhapsody for this 5-dollar upgrade.

No flaming here, my friend. I think we're fighting the same fight. Keep up the good work.

Slashdot | MIT Making Computer Parts from DNA

Slashdot | MIT Making Computer Parts from DNA

Read the article, then read this guy's response. It's great!

So - humans playing God, synthesizing life from its basic components. Hubris, or something better?

Without stating a position either way on the existence (or nonexistence) of God, what better way to glorify a Creator than by showing Him we've learned some of His tricks?

(Allow me one assumption here: the assumption that if God exists, He's not a copyright lawyer, and will be flattered by our success, rather than whomping us with a Deistic Millenium Copyright Act violation notice in the form of a 20-mile-wide asteroid.)

God: I created you by breathing life into dirt.
Man: Cool trick, God. We've learned to do the same thing.
God: Cool trick. Now try it from first principles.
Man: What do you mean?
God: Well, next time, make your own dirt.

And before you point out - correctly - that with a sufficiently large energy input we could indeed synthesize all the components that make up "dirt" out of hydrogen, you haven't solved the problem. Ultimately, it comes down to this:

God: Look, I appreciate the flattery, and I encourage you to keep at it. But read the job description -- you qualify for My job when you derive a universe capable of evolving intelligent life based on the setting of a small number of physical constants, and you can have My job when your resume' includes experimental proof in the form of a portfolio that includes your worshippers.

We hairless apes still have a bit of work to do.

Only you can prevent Cybersquatting

Ever wish you would have registered the domain name,, or back in 1993. Yeah. We all do. Because we'd all be millionaires if we would have. Thanks to a little thing called "cybersquatting."

Tech News World hosts a good article which talks about the future of this "profession" and what might happen to those visionary, entreprenurial, vagabonds and the bullying corporations who love them. Check it out.

Technology News: Global: Corporate Trademarks and the Future of Domain Disputes

Friday, January 07, 2005

Top 11 Geek Break Up Lines

BBspot - Top 11 Geek Break Up Lines: "Now that Half Life 2 is out, I need to refocus my priorities."

BBC NEWS | Technology | Games win for Blu-ray DVD format

EA and Vivendia get on board with Blu-ray.

I guess that about does it for the format wars. At least in the gaming industry.

BTW, EA scares me and I don't think they promote quality in games.

just my 2cents.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Games win for Blu-ray DVD format: "When players do come out, they will be able to play
standard DVDs too, which is good news for those who
have huge libraries of current DVDs."

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The ebb and flow of digital gaming platforms

I think I'm beggining to see a pattern here. It seems that ever 3 years or so the console gaming industry and the computer gaming industry flip/flop in superiority.

Hopefully with better displays, wireless homenetworking, media centers, and wireless peripherals making the home more digital we will see more convergence, rather than competition. I want competition between gaming companies and systems, not technological platforms.

I remember when I started playing games on the orginal Nintendo, and my cousin was playing cheezy games on the PC. They were about equal. Then the Super Nintendo came out and BLEW THE PC away. And then I saw Duke Nukem 3D for the PC and shat me draws, after that it was all uphill. We had the likes of Quake CTF competing with Sega and Playstation!? Give me a break. No contest. And now I have World of Warcraft on the PC which is graphically incredible and crazy good interaction online with folks. But you've also got Xbox w/ Xbox live, and I'm no Halo fanboy, but dang, if that isn't fun too... Burnout 3: Takedown?!!?! Yes please!

The problem for me is, I pretty much like using the keyboard and mouse by now, lol. We'll have to see what happens when Micro$haft brings us Xbox2 sometime this year. I think I may be jumping to the console ship when that happens....

Xbox 2 is a Windows lovechild

Y2K38!? --> The year 2038 bug

This is the first I've heard about this.

Are they going to develop some "Moore's Law">Moore's Law" for how often we will need to globally fix a doomsday bug?

I just hope it brings another boom to the IT industry.

You can read about Y2K's lasting legacy here.

The year 2038 bug: "The Year-2038 Bug"

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Ask me again why I shouldn't resist DRM?

The RIAA never ceases to amaze me.

Also another reason why not to use Windows media player. - the original daily p2p and digital media news site: "Overpeer's latest dirty trick"

Idle hands make..... the cure for cancer?

For years, SETI has been utilizing unused computer processes to search for extraterristrial life by distributing the search workload over a vast network of interconnected, idling computers.

The Cancer Blog has an interesting article about how seeks to use the same technology in it's search for a medcinal research using it's United Devices Grip MP technology:

With the participation of over 3 million devices worldwide, projects like Cancer Research, Anthrax Research, Smallpox Research and the new Human Proteome Folding Project (running in conjunction with IBM's new World Community Grid) have achieved record levels of processing speed and success.
Not that I don't think it would be cool if my computer discovered little green men somewhere in the final frontier, it's just that something like this (that isn't so conspiracy theorist, area 51-ish) has a greater potential to draw a wider user base. Hopefully we'll see this kind of distributed grid processing technology employed in other useful ways.

Now if I could only get that eBay bot to work right.... Then I'd be idlin' my way to some massive *bling*

"I said buy low, sell high, you EEEdiot!"

So leave those computer running and help us process our way to healthier lives.

Monday, January 03, 2005

BitTorrent Operator Bites Back at MPAA

LOL Sweden!!!

BitTorrent Operator Bites Back at MPAA: "Outside the United States, content companies have been largely ignored by BitTorrent sites. One recent cease-and-desist threat by Dreamworks lawyers from Keats, McFarland & Wilson serves as an example. Lawyers sent the Stockholm-based BitTorrent tracker site Pirate Bay an order telling them to stop because they were liable for infringing on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

One of the site's members, replied by e-mail in August:

'As you may or may not be aware, Sweden is not a state in the United States of America. Sweden is a country in northern Europe,' the e-mail read. 'Unless you figured it out by now, U.S. law does not apply here. For your information, no Swedish law is being violated.'"