Thursday, January 06, 2005

The ebb and flow of digital gaming platforms

I think I'm beggining to see a pattern here. It seems that ever 3 years or so the console gaming industry and the computer gaming industry flip/flop in superiority.

Hopefully with better displays, wireless homenetworking, media centers, and wireless peripherals making the home more digital we will see more convergence, rather than competition. I want competition between gaming companies and systems, not technological platforms.

I remember when I started playing games on the orginal Nintendo, and my cousin was playing cheezy games on the PC. They were about equal. Then the Super Nintendo came out and BLEW THE PC away. And then I saw Duke Nukem 3D for the PC and shat me draws, after that it was all uphill. We had the likes of Quake CTF competing with Sega and Playstation!? Give me a break. No contest. And now I have World of Warcraft on the PC which is graphically incredible and crazy good interaction online with folks. But you've also got Xbox w/ Xbox live, and I'm no Halo fanboy, but dang, if that isn't fun too... Burnout 3: Takedown?!!?! Yes please!

The problem for me is, I pretty much like using the keyboard and mouse by now, lol. We'll have to see what happens when Micro$haft brings us Xbox2 sometime this year. I think I may be jumping to the console ship when that happens....

Xbox 2 is a Windows lovechild


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