Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Idle hands make..... the cure for cancer?

For years, SETI has been utilizing unused computer processes to search for extraterristrial life by distributing the search workload over a vast network of interconnected, idling computers.

The Cancer Blog has an interesting article about how Grid.org seeks to use the same technology in it's search for a medcinal research using it's United Devices Grip MP technology:

With the participation of over 3 million devices worldwide, grid.org projects like Cancer Research, Anthrax Research, Smallpox Research and the new Human Proteome Folding Project (running in conjunction with IBM's new World Community Grid) have achieved record levels of processing speed and success.
Not that I don't think it would be cool if my computer discovered little green men somewhere in the final frontier, it's just that something like this (that isn't so conspiracy theorist, area 51-ish) has a greater potential to draw a wider user base. Hopefully we'll see this kind of distributed grid processing technology employed in other useful ways.

Now if I could only get that eBay bot to work right.... Then I'd be idlin' my way to some massive *bling*

"I said buy low, sell high, you EEEdiot!"

So leave those computer running and help us process our way to healthier lives.


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