Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Rhapsody, this is e.Swede, I'm leaving if you don't say anything to make me feel better...."

This nifty little article details Napster's new Napster2Go technology where basically you can transfer songs to your iPod or whatever to play "on-the-go" and can keep them there as long as your device checks in once a month and says "i'm still paying."

Sounds good to me, but then my friend Brad Hill at thedigitalmusicweblog critizes this technology.

You can read my response below:

Hey man,
Love your blog. Gotta say, on this one, I disagree with you strongly.

My dream is a $25-50 a month, subscription based digital media playground - movies, music, TV, shows, games - where i have access to it all, on-demand, in the format I want, on the platform I want, where I want.

This 15 dollar Napster deal is a step in the right direction. Ownership really is not necessary anymore. Just complete access. Heck, I'll stream instead of store anyday! If I have to store to go, until we have wireless to support that, I'll do that.

But right now I have to "be illegal" and painstakingly download everything over days and weed through the crap to get what I want. Meanwhile, I'm WILLING TO PAY to be legit, have gurannteed quality, and supply. If that means I have to put up with a non-invasive, private "have-you-paid-this-month" DRM file halflife, then I'll gladly do it.

The only thing I want to see improved on now is increased direct compensation to authors/artists.

This is the business model of the future, and we should support it through VCL (eff.org) and our blogs. This is the way we must push the industry and this is a great sign. I may be leaving Rhapsody for this 5-dollar upgrade.

No flaming here, my friend. I think we're fighting the same fight. Keep up the good work.


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