Friday, February 18, 2005

This is hilarious. This is sad. This is ingenious. This is the future.

Wow. Pizza Hut. You are evil. You are innovative.

I cringe at what this means for the obesity of America's youth.

I cheer at the pure capitalistic innovation and freedom of choice.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Make Skype calls using your regular phone

Like the title says. Actiontec's Internet Phone Wizard let yous you make VoIP calls over Skype using your landline.

Make Skype calls using your regular phone - Engadget -

Xdrive Launches New Music Service That Transforms Cell Phones Into 'Virtual iPods'

I love it when what I think of needs to happens with technology, but think will be like years away, happens the next week!

Client-side storage is worthless if the server-side transmission can support the bandwidth needed for quality delivery of media.


Convergence + SlickUserInterface = Success

Xdrive Launches New Music Service That Transforms Cell Phones Into 'Virtual iPods'

Electronic Furniture

Electronic Furniture: "ELECTRONIC

Games (AKA the potential for profit) push technology

OMG. Check out the officieal hardware specs for the Playstation 3.

PlayStation 3 chip has split personality | Tech News on ZDNet:

While Western companies argue over what 300GB standard disc we're going to uses HDVD or Blu-ray.

Meanwhile, a group of 6 eastern companies have gotten together to form the HVD alliance which supports the introduction of a holographics storage standard capable of storing 1 TERABYTE!~!!@!@#ONEEONEOeno on one disc over 3 dimension.

So, let's just drop this whole Blu-ray/vs. HDVD and move onto the future, because I don't want all that kiddie stuff recieving industry and hardware acceptance where the only way I can use 1 TERABYTE!!@ONEO of storage is to move to Japan.

Thanks. Good luck and good game.

Next time you're in France, play Tetris on a skyscraper

Oh, and kick Jacque Chirac in the nuts for me too, will ya?

No seriously, this project in France called "Blinkenlights" allows you to place arcade games on the national library at night, using your cellphone. How freakin' cool is that!?

I'm gonna go just so I can beat the high score and put in my intials for all those beret-lovers to scoff at. ;-)

Project Blinkenlights: Arcade Games: "tetris in actionTetris ist one of the most popular computer games of the last 20 years. Since its invention in 1985 it has found its way on almost
any computer system and game console in one form or the other. With Arcade you can play Tetris with your mobile phone - on a playground 3370 m2 in size."