Friday, April 01, 2005

US keeps on sueing, China keeps on rising

The mire of US Legislation from the entertainment industry futily attempting to quell piracy but underminig technological innovation and creating a lawyer-watch dog, intellectual property police state will only expedite China's (as well as India and Brazil's) inevitable climb to world dominance.

If banks, venture capitalists and company directors are worried about being sued for marketing a cool toy that can be used in unanticipated but illegal ways then they will play safe.

The inventiveness that created the TiVo hard drive recorder, the MP3 player, and the dual-layer DVD writer will go into developing expensive games for locked-down consoles, new forms of keyword advertising for search engines and better ways around spam filters, or other equally useless activities.

Pro-technology protesters
Pro-technologies argue the case will impact innovation
In 10 years' time this may not matter much because China, India and Brazil will be leading the next wave of technological innovation, based around open source development and their own manufacturing capacity.


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